Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Planting possibilities

What do fears and dreams have in common? They both represent possible manifestations of life. It’s like having the idea for a film – it’s real, even though it may never be realised.

Life is full with endless options. There is no written script, there are no limitations. As they say in India, „Sir, everything is possible!“

Many people argue that this is not true, that not everybody has the same possibilities. An African boy who hardly goes to school won’t have the same chances of becoming a scientist or a rich businessman as, say, an English boy who gets private tuition four times a week. But there is a big difference between chances and possibilities. Chances talk about whether something is likely or unlikely to happen; possibilities say whether it actually CAN happen.

If you want to make friends, but you stay at home all day, then meeting somebody will be impossible. You have to make an effort, you have to create situations that favour whatever it is you want to do. In other words – you have to plant seeds.

Lots of things will grow in any garden, even if you don’t put out any seeds. But most probably nothing will grow that could be of any interest to you. Only weeds and fruitless trees. If you want to be able to harvest something that you want, an apple for example, you have to go and plant that apple tree first. And then you have to wait – because seeds need time to grow.

It’s the same with possibilities – you have to create them. Sometimes they arrive with surprise, like when you suddenly find a full fruit tree in a hidden corner, planted years ago and already forgotten about. But somebody, at some point, must have planted that tiny seed which made the tree become possible. No seed, no tree.

So whatever it is we want to do in life, whatever our aspirations, dreams and hopes are – if we want them to become real, we have to first create favourable circumstances. Planting the seeds of possibilities.

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