Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The anger poem

Like a boiling engine on a sinking boat
I've been feeling angry, ready to explode
Nights of fire and dreams of revolution
What went wrong with the human evolution?

I went out and asked owners of funky bars
Why don't you recycle the bottles of glass?
'I'm running a business, I ain't got time for this hippie shit!'
Was the answer coming straight from their lips

Investment bankers who produce only fake numbers
they cultivate nothing but fear, greed and hunger
a thousand times richer than the farmers making food
still the fuckers they're suffering from chronic bad mood

Animals kept in prison, living creatures locked in a cage
little girls with ripped off legs, growing hate and rising rage
we're feeding the devil, hiding in the slumbering matrix
and in between wars, we watch ads of burgers and tits

A clothes factory with one hundred dead
some tears, bad news, we're feeling sad
Whole families burnt down in the east
then H&M calls – time for the big summer feast

Selfish genes are destroying our peace
Widespread ignorance is killing the bees
Toxic minds are teaching at schools
Expensive fees, producing educated fools

Priests keep preaching: don't kill or steal!
But they themselves, they fail to heal
Blaming others for the absence of light
Yet only few do know how to live life right

I'm drowning in anger, what can I do?
Pretend that we're fine, when it's just not true?
The world has gone crazy, I got trouble to cope
The times they're changing, I'm losing hope

Scream! I want to scream out loud!
I want to blow away this threatening cloud
Waking up before it's too late
Creating love and destroying hate!

I'm angry with the world, I'm angry with myself
Enough is enough with all this superficial wealth
I've got to travel deep inside where once I've been
there's only one way out: I have to find peace within!

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