Thursday, April 24, 2014


Recently at the local healthfood shop I was staring at a 500g packet of organic brazil nuts. 9€ – quite expensive I thought, just for some nuts. Then I started wondering: if the local bar had mojitos on offer for 4,50€, pretty much everyone would be delighted about the bargain. A couple of cheap cocktails – who would think twice?

Whenever a discussion starts about sustainable and ethical products, soon the argument of price is raised: Buying green and organic stuff is far too expensive – “I just can’t afford it!”
Yet how comes we can afford all sorts of other crap?

18 € for 50 nespresso capsules (250g) – great value!
18 € for 6 shitty coffees at Starbucks – business as usual
18 € for 1kg of organic fairtrade coffee – rip-off!

3 € for half a chicken from Lidl – bargain!
3€ for a chicken kebab – normal
3 € for half a dozen organic eggs – expensive!

299 € for a new flatscreen TV – I’ll take 2!
299 € for a new smartphone – of course
299 € for a new solar panel – what for?

79 € for a hoody jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch – almost free!
79 € for the same from Adidas or Nike – fair enough
79 € for a hoody from Armedangels – those eco people are thiefs!

A better world exists – choose it!

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