Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's just a game

I love football
Not the FIFA
All those overpaid players
Their exaggerated fame
Starving fans
The world has gone insane

Yes, joyful it was
7:1 against the host
Fascinating and surreal
Then the final victory
I admit: I screamed

My team has won
My country, my dear nation
My flag
My hymn
My heroes
All imagination

I’m not proud
Scared I am
Of any hypnotized crowd

Manmade maps
Dividing lines
It’s just a game
No need for crimes

My Argentian housemate and I.
Just before the final.


  1. Well said Claus. As always. And never a better time.Learn to live together, peoples of this that would be worth cheering for!!

  2. I confirmed: You screamed like a girl