Monday, January 5, 2015

The best is yet to come

On the 1st of January I received a message from a friend: “All the best for the new year”, she said, and added: “You know, once you've told me that we should give each year the chance to be the best year of our lives. Every new year's eve I think about this.”
While she remembered my advice, I had forgotten.

2015, the best year ever – really? Let's see: I've just turned 39, next up is 40. Not sure if that is a reason to feel excited... Aches and pains are invading my body, my knees hurt, eyes are getting worse, my skin seems to dissolve in many places, digestion struggles, teeth are dying... My bank account is racing towards the big Zero – wasn't I supposed to be rich by now? Each night I've got a bed to sleep in, yes, but I feel pretty homeless – do Nomads always have to live a nomadic life? And true romance – completely out of sight!
Meanwhile, many are worried about a war with the new favourite enemy called Russia, about attacks by Muslim fundamentalists and Christian governments. The next economic crisis is waiting because greed ain't dead yet and because the illusion continues that our problems can be solved with more shopping malls offering more stuff to fill our houses and wardrobes and all those empty spaces deep within. And then there's our beautiful planet which is being raped on a daily basis – when will it fight back? More and bigger ecological disasters are only a question of time.  

In summary: 2015 has the potential to be really really shit. Sounds negative? Well, it is. But of course this doesn't mean that the opposite isn't possible. Life is full of surprises, so who knows? The seeds of change have been sown – will they grow? Will WE grow?

Maybe 2015 will be indeed the best year ever.
Doubts remain, but let's give it a chance.

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