Monday, January 16, 2017

Labels are for clothes

Humans love to divide. We tend to think in terms of black or white, rather than enjoying the whole range of available colours. I assume it has to do with fear – in a totally insecure universe we are looking for something to hold on to, something that gives us stability. So we put labels on everything and identify ourselves with these labels in the most ridiculous and rigid ways.

“I'm not a Vegan so I will order the steak”; “I'm a Christian, therefore Muslims are wrong”; “I'm European and so I prefer to help a European arsehole instead of a nice person from Africa”. Sadly, these are all real life examples.

Given that we all live on the same ball of rock though, spinning through space, it's probably not the best idea to divide everything into little groups and spend our precious time fighting over who is right and who is wrong. Competition won't save us – cooperation will. And cooperation starts with dropping all these rigid labels that keep us separated and trapped. Remember, limitation is a creation of the mind!

You don't have to become...

  • a Buddhist to be inspired by Buddhism
  • a Vegan to enjoy and benefit from vegan food
  • a Communist to support communistic ideas
  • an Eco-freak to start eating organic food
  • a Social worker to help others
  • a Nationalist to shop locally
  • an Environmentalist to clean up the Earth
  • a Feminist to speak up for women's rights
  • a Writer to tell good stories
  • a Farmer to grow food
  • a Utopian to hope for a brighter future
  • a Hippie to spread love
  • a Saint to lead by good example

Just do your best and try to make the world a better place, each day a little bit.

When you're not attached to any beliefs or to a character that you've created for yourself, you can face everything without fear.” (José Martin)

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