Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Small changes

Today America is going to vote for one of two available muppets. Or puppets? Well, whatever. It's a big sad joke, this whole discussion of who might be the better president when it's pretty clear that, whoever will be elected, he or she is unlikely to make the world a better place. And isn't this what is desperately needed, a better world?

Sometimes, there's a part of me which hopes that we will crash the whole bus into the wall. Maybe then we start to understand... Life is precious, the planet is vulnerable and we're all one – simple really but we just ain't getting it, do we? So perhaps something needs to go seriously wrong, something big enough to shake us all up. Like a proper global environmental catastrophe, major political unrest, collapse of the financial system, severe energy shortage or perhaps even war.

But of course it's easy for me to fantasize about these scenarios – I've never experienced any real crisis! Far far away are the whispers of my grandparents, telling stories of what they've seen and lived through in the second world war. Stories of hunger, excruciating pain and tremendous fear. If I had lived through these stories myself, I might not be wishing for them. I might even be doing more to help that this beautiful planet and its 7 billion people won't turn into a true hell house (and at present this is exactly where we're heading).

The question is, what can you and I do to make things better? Because if WE won't do it, who will? The presidents? Haha... The only two living politicians I can think of who might be able to initiate positive changes are Bernie Sanders and José Mujica. One was eliminated by the media and the establishment, the other retired. In other words, it's down to us.

When looking at the overwhelming size of all the problems though, as individuals we can easily feel discouraged to do anything. 'I'm too small to make a difference, so why should I bother?' If everyone thought that way, well, then we'd be screwed indeed. However, if more and more people thought and acted differently, a lot could be done to make things better. For everyone.

So, where to start? Let's ask José.

tell uplifting stories – buy organic products – support local and independent businesses – recycle – change to an ethical bank – eat more vegetarian and vegan food – help your neighbour – smile – ride your bicycle – meditate – play soulful music – be honest – choose fairtrade – grow plants – reduce waste – rescue drowning flies – forgive – love – do it!

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