Tuesday, September 22, 2020

New World Order

On a Monday morning in September, 19 years ago, I received a package from a friend. I opened it and took out a big pile of copied pages. It was a book, but no ordinary one – it was an illegal book, supposedly talking about what's really going on in the world. About the Rothschild family and other elites, freemasons, invented diseases and wars and hidden symbols. Intrigued, I started reading that same afternoon and didn't stop until I finished the last page the following morning. It was a fascinating and also unsettling read, leaving me wondering how much of it might actually be true. At 9am, Tuesday morning, I went to my neighbour‘s for a grounding tea and conversation. His TV was running and as soon as I sat down, the news came on. My eyes widened at once – the second plane was just crashing into the South Tower of the WTC in New York City. It was 9/11 and I had just spent the whole night reading a summary of all the conspiracies in the world. My heart raced – was this really a terrorist attack?

Since then, I've read many more books on conspiracies, I watched films like Zeitgeist and had countless conversations about 9/11, chemtrails, media manipulation and evil Bilderberg meetings. At some point, however, I stopped. I got really tired of all the wild theories, mainly because they don't inspire positive action. But this doesn't mean that I think it's all made up – there are very powerful people out there who get hooked on power and want more and more of it. Human nature I guess. I totally believe they misuse their power to create false stories, seeing the world as a big board game and are willing to do barbaric things just to control most of the game. You don't even need to read illegal books to come to this conclusion, it's enough to look at the work of lobbyists. Why do we still use coal to generate electricity, and petrol cars to move around, when clean and sustainable alternatives have long been available? Makes no sense whatsoever. Hence, I don't feel like a conspiracy theorist when I say that, yes, we are being mislead and fooled.

This year, 2020, conspiracy theories have been taken to another level though. Bill Gates is blamed for a virus and at the same time most who blame him think the virus doesn't even exist; Polititians are blamed for killing children and drinking their blood, and only Trump, Q and very high walls can save us from the worst people of all, the refugees. Climate change is a hoax invented by green parties who want to turn the world into an eco-dictatorship and the images of overcrowded hospitals were all shot in a Hollywood studio – it's a plandemic, of course!

Everyone is free to believe whatever they want. But here's a question: What good has blaming ever done? It seems so easy – if it's THEIR fault, THEY need to be eliminated and then the whole world will be a peaceful paradise. But in reality it's not easy at all.

Over the last months there has been a lot of talk about freedom, that our freedom is threatened. So let's talk about freedom:

  • You are free to you choose whichever bank you want – why do most of you still have your money in banks that invest in wars and pharmaceutical companies? Are you aware that you're actually financing the vaccines you're so scared of?
  • You are free to choose where you do your shopping – why do most of us still buy on Amazon, giving the richest man in the world even more money?
  • You are free to choose what you want to eat – why don't we all buy local and organic food? And no, price is no excuse, because the same people who use this excuse usually have a huge TV at home and spend fortunes on drinks and clothes and stuff from Ikea they never needed in the first place.
  • You are free to be loving and kind – why do you keep calling people stupid sheep?
  • You are free to talk about whatever you want – why do you choose to spread fear of evil elites when you could spread hope and compassion?

It's so easy to blame others – and so difficult to accept responsibilty and change yourself. Yet the latter is the only sane option we have. We need radical political change, no doubt about it, but first we need to acknowledge that each one of us plays an important role in this game. After all, Polititians and the Rich aren't aliens – they are people like you and me. If we keep being selfish and aggressive and corrupt, they will do the same. For THEY are US.

I dread to think what will happen when we are faced with a more serious problem than a little virus. When the climate goes crazy – iceage or heatwaves, take your pick – and there will be millions, not thousands, of people trying to survive by heading North. Are we going to let them drown and starve (as we do already), or perhaps shoot them right away?

Possibly the favourite three letters of the conspiracy community are NWO – New World Order. It's said that there's a big globalist agenda going on with the aim of establishing a totalitarian world government. Personally I actually think we need some kind of global authority, given that individual states aren't capable of tackling challenges such as the climate crisis and the ethics around artificial intelligence. But before we get lost in an endless discussion, here's a simple suggestion for a new world order: change the way you look at the map! Because as long as we continue to regard US at the top and THEM at the bottom, global peace and happiness ain't gonna happen. For this is the real elite terrorist attack, our perspective!



  1. What baffles me about conspiracies is that they do more to cover the reality of actual, obvious corruption, than anything else. But it seems quite common that people scream and stamp about 'solutions' while actually being the problem.

    1. What scares me about conspiracies nowadays is that we often trust them more than science-based or official 'facts'. And often it's not facts the basic reference point anymore but opinions.

  2. Watch the documentary on Netflix or Tornado "The Social Dilemma" The contributors are the master minds who created the social media and they go to great lengths to explain what has happened to their creation, how they created and the dangers which are emerging from their creations. It is basic manipulation of BELIEF constantly re-enforced through algorithms which ensure that we see what confirms our beliefs - the algorithms know no right nor wrong - they are there to monetize us with clicks - those clicks are humans as "product" and are for sale. Check out the movie - It is clear and informative and describes how this "conspiracy" business started and is propagating at dangerous speed. "The Social Dilemma"