Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bring it on!

Waiting sucks! Waiting for the bus, for the weekend, for the weather to change. Waiting for an email or message or the Andalusian postman, waiting to get paid, waiting for a woman, waiting for that big idea which will bring wealth and fame. Worst of all – waiting for things to get better.

Fortunately, we might not have to wait much longer. As I read the other day, all of the 2012 prophets have been wrong. Not so much as to what might happen or not, but WHEN. There was a slight miscalculation of 420 days, which, to be fair, can happen when analysing ancient Mayan scripts… I won’t bother you with details – there are a few sites which explain it all, so if you are interested, do a search yourself. Bottom line is this: the date of the Mayan calender ending is not the 21st of December 2012, but the 28th of October...come on, guess....correct – 2011! That’s in 10 days.

It’s probably all a whole load of bullshit – if anything, latest by 2012 we will witness the manifestation of a self-fulfilling prophecy where we just blow up the whole planet because we are too stupid to live together as one species.

However, from what I hear, I must say that I have quite a bit of respect for those old Mayan astronomers. Maybe they were indeed able to come up with a system to forecast certain evolutionary cycles. After all, they didn’t have to deal with text messages, tele and taxforms every day and therefore had plenty of time to spend on more interesting aspects of life.

The Mayans never talked about apocalyptic end-of-the-world scenarios. They simply observed patterns when looking at how the universe changes. The energy of the universe effecting anything that lies within it, the Mayans used these patterns to calculate likely events in the future. More often than not, their predictions were totally accurate.

So, what about the 28th then? What can we expect? Well, if the bloody date is right, if the Mayans were as precise as their reputation, the 28th of October 2011 will be the day when we complete our Evolutionary Transformation Process. Sounds cool, ay! But what the fuck does it mean?

Well, I guess it just means that something ends and something else starts. Whatever that is. A time or moment which stimulates change, just like the springtime stimulates growth.

So looking 10 days ahead, everything which has started to change already is likely to gain incredible speed and change even more. That might mean a big war, massive demonstrations or a political breakdown. A natural disaster wiping out half of the planet, a global mass panic caused by a solar storm blowing away all satellites and bringing communication to a standstill, or perhaps the final collapse of the world economy. It could also mean that we suddenly wake up on Friday the 28th and decide that it’s actually much better to live together in peace and harmony. We might realise that borders are totally self-destructive obstacles no one needs and so we simply get rid off them. Or we might become all englightened at the same time, with hell exploding right next to us. Who knows? Maybe some clever species from out of space will finally have mercy and come down to shake us back into sanity.

I don’t know what will happen. Or when. But when I look at my feelings, and when I listen to what others say and feel, I think it’s pretty likely that fairly soon something very important is going to happen. We can’t keep on accelerating forever.

So, rather than waiting and waiting for things to get better and trying to save the world, something which will probably never happen, I say: “Dear Universe and God of all Mayan astronomers, please bring it on!!”

We are ready for change!