Monday, September 22, 2014

Ten times happiness

It's Monday, late September – another weekend gone, another summer too. I feel tired, slightly melancholic and kind of bored. The news is filled with wars and greed and the new iphone 6 and somehow it just all seems to go round in circles, spiralling downwards.
Last month I wrote a blog about peace and when I checked the statistics page earlier on, I saw that it got less than a third of the usual hits. In fact, it was the least popular article since I've started blogging 4 years ago. Makes me wonder: Are people not really interested in peace?

So maybe I should talk a bit more about all the misery going on around us. Let's see... There are the children in the Middle East who are trying to walk through life without legs. There are millions of modern-day slaves wasting their precious time producing cheap clothes, one-way headphones and plastic toys no-one needs; billions of animals are locked away in dark factories to feed fat people and old habits; despite leading richer and more comfortable lives than ever before, depression in the West is spreading far quicker than Ebola. Food is turning to poison, forests to deserts and oceans to seas of rubbish. There's Nestlé, Primark, Ikea, Monsanto and McDonalds. Corrupt politicians, selfish businessmen and hateful priests; ignorant consumers and heart-broken dreamers. Shall I continue?

I could, but I won't. After all it's Monday and I like Mondays. So to counteract the rising winter blues, here are 10 reasons why I feel grateful in this very moment:

  1. There's music – how amazing is music!
  2. And sunsets!
  3. I have a warm bed to sleep in tonight
  4. I'm able to go and buy organic food if I want to
  5. I share a house with good friends
  6. Autumn rain has arrived (check out the Pluviophile)
  7. I'm a Dad with a beautiful daughter
  8. When I look outside my window I see trees
  9. Each day, more people help to create a better world
  10. Possibilities are endless

In summary: Life on this planet sucks at times but being alive is truly wonderful!

PS: What about you? What are your 10 reasons to feel grateful and happy today?