Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creating time

The following conversation will be a familiar one:
"Hey, do you want to meet up tomorrow?"
"No, sorry, I can’t."
"Just for an hour."
"No, really, I don’t have time."
Isn’t that weird? How is it possible to not have time? I mean, seriously – isn’t it always there?

As evolution has progressed, human life has gotten busier and busier. We have so many jobs and responsibilities, so many hobbies to do and TV series to follow, so many dreams to chase and emails to send – it seems that there are just not enough hours in each day.

We have started to believe that we lack time. But do we? Just think about it for a moment – all the stuff that you do each day, how much of it is really necessary? All the news you watch and read, the never-ending shopping trips, boring lectures and useless meetings. All the worrying. All the hours on the phone or on Facebook. Aren’t we wasting a big chunk of our time with random crap?

Ultimately it’s a question of priorities – what do you really want to do? Because when you really want to do something, you always find the time. When you are ill and want to get better, you find the time to go to a doctor, even if you are really occupied with work. When you want a career change, you find the time to study; when you crave love, you find the time to date. As Ernst Ferstl has said:

“When we don’t have enough time, ususally we don’t have enough desire.”

Whatever you want to do in life – there is time for it. It just depends on how you spend those precious hours… If you prefer to stay lazy on the sofa when a friend invites you out, that’s fine, but don’t blame the lack of time. Equally, if you prefer to stick to a secure job, don’t blame the rigid working routine for not allowing you to explore the world. Don’t say that you are too busy too cook a healthy meal when you spend all night long watching TV. And if you really want to iron your pyjamas, don’t complain that there isn’t time to read a book.

Whatever it is we like to do – by setting priorities, we create time for it. Whether it’s realizing a dream, having a drink with a friend or simply watching a sunset. Giving importance to what we love, the stuff that really matters to us, and reducing all the unnecessary things that keep us so terrfibly busy.

There is always time. The question is what do we chose to do with it?