Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Find the sexist inside of you

Pretty much all over the western world a fear is rising that barbaric people from the East and from the far South will destroy our culture. That 'refugees welcome' equals importing rape and murder and that our peaceful, racist- and sexist-free society is threatened by a huge wave of indecent behaviour.

     Rapes per 100,000 persons in Germany, 2007: 10,7
     Rapes per 100,000 persons in Germany, 2017: 13,7

The increase is said to be mainly due to stricter laws and because more and more women are finding the courage to denounce aggressors. The fruits of feminism. But of course a small percentage might also be related to the growing numbers of Arabic males in the population. Let's face it: Unfortunately, not all immigrants are nice people. To say though that they are the cause of all evil is ridiculous! We don't need Islamic fundamentalists to have crying women in our neighbourhoods. As the above figures clearly show, even without mass immigration the Germans were happily raping away. And we still are, only that now we can blame the Mustafas from Syria for all the sins.

Ultimately, rape, murder and any other kind of violence is not a problem of certain ethnic groups. It's a human problem. And the problem continues to exist because, like with most problems, we're not really dealing with it.

Here's a recent example from Spain: Five men get drunk and gang rape a woman. The judges don't classify it as rape and so the five idiots get only nine years in prison. There's public outrage and the whole country is fighting in endless talk shows and Facebook posts whether it was actually rape or not.

1st problem: How is it possible that we even have to discuss something like this? Are we still living in the middle ages? Somewhere in the dark alleyways of King's Landing? This is insanely sick! A woman gets cornered by five drunken men, all with their dicks out and encouraging each other to fuck her real hard. Whether you call this rape or not, it doesn't matter – treating a woman (or man) in this way deserves a life sentence, full stop.

2nd problem: Neither a life sentence nor any other time spent in prison will change anything. It won't take away the trauma of the woman, it won't turn the five guys into better people and, most importantly, it won't help society to learn.

An alternative way of dealing with this problem could be this:
  1. The five men don't need a prison sentence, they need therapy!
  2. Instead of consuming the taxpayer's money (in other words, yours and mine) by sitting in a cell watching stupefying television and acquiring drug trafficking skills from other inmates, why not have them work in an old people's home? Cleaning bumps for a few years might help to clear the shit from their minds.
  3. After therapy and social service they have to do a nationwide tour, to pubs, clubs and schools, speaking about their experience from start to finish. Sharing what they've done wrong and how they've learned why it is wrong.
It wouldn't heal the trauma of this particular Spanish woman but at least it would help to prevent future nightmares for other women. It would start to solve the problem instead of continuing to lock it away.

Sadly, right now this is a utopia. It will take many courageous political decisions to turn it into reality and we all know that, unless there's a juicy war to fight, political decisions take time. But fear not, there's something you can do in the meantime:

Find the sexist inside of you!

All of you – men, women and everyone in between. Because rape is just the spiky tip of the iceberg in a society that has gotten used to believing that men are the superior beings. Only when the last bit of patriarchy dies inside each one of us, only when equality becomes something we don't have to talk about any more, only then a woman will feel as safe and respected in this world as a man. And only then, when it's truly one species again, will dignity return to all men.