Friday, February 14, 2014

In love with music

Great, another year being Single on Valentine’s day. Not that I care too much about commercial love days anyway, but it sucks seeing so much romance when you don’t get any yourself. Nevermind, there are more important things. Like...MUSIC!

What would we do without it? Seriously. Have you ever tried to dance to silence? Live a year without melodies? Be happy without your favourite tunes? It ain’t much fun...

Latest from the day when I started working in a local record shop at age 16, I was totally hooked! I’m hopelessly in love with what many call THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD.

For about 20 years I’ve been making mixes – first on 90min cassettes tapes, then on minidiscs, then on CDs and now MP3s. I adore exploring new music and putting it it together, it’s like doing a sound puzzle.

So for all the lonely souls out there and also for the loved-up ones, here’s my present to you for Valentine’s day: over 20 mixes of simply great music!

There’s something for everyone: Reggae, Soul, Ska, Rock, Electro, Swing, Chillout, Bluegrass, Folk, Acoustic - upbeat, downbeat, you name it! Music to dance, cry and love to, and most importantly: music to ENJOY!

Listen to any of the mixes online by going either to my DJ website – – or straight to my page on Mixcloud: