Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Organic food sucks!

I’m totally fed up seeing labels of natural products. Seriously! In most supermarkets you find organic apples, Bio yoghurt and fairtrade coffee. It has become a real hype and, quite frankly, it’s ridiculous.

Ok, maybe ‘ridiculous’ is the wrong word. I guess ‘sad’ is more appropriate. Let’s take one of my favourite vegetables as an example: Broccoli. So you go to the veg section of the supermarket of your choice and see a mountain of Broccoli heads piled up in front of you, all nicely wrapped in plastic. The sign says ‘Broccoli – 0.99’. Either directly next to it or a few metres away there’s another mountain, albeit much smaller, with a sign announcing ‘Organic Broccoli – 1.99’ (usually with a tiny footnote: ‘Natural produce’).

Now, what happens in the mind of the person doing the shopping? Very often it will be something like this: ‘Organic…hm, that’s the latest fashion, isn't it? And any fashion product is always expensive.’ It’s like buying an iphone, a Hollister shirt or one of those stupid nespresso machines – you don’t pay for a good product, but mainly spend your money on some fancy marketing campaign. Hence it’s better to buy the ‘normal’ broccoli.

However, when it comes to food, it’s not about fashion at all. There’s nothing cool about organic food, not even if you spell it organiK (no, I didn’t make this up – I’ve really seen it like this). 
The underlying problem of this whole dilemma, apart from the weirdly functioning human brain, is totally inappropriate and misleading labeling. Here’s what it should say on the two signs:

Broccoli – 1.99
Toxic Broccoli  0.99
And ideally there’d be also a (huge) footnote attached to the second choice: ‘Sprayed with pesticides and insecticides; grown with artificial fertilizer in a monculture – harming the soil and poisining your body!

I reckon some idiots would still go for the cheaper option (maybe to save up for the new iphone?), but most people wouldn’t think twice and would buy the non-toxic vegetable. Common sense, right? Some more examples:

Cheese – 3.99
Pseudo Cheese – 1.98 (made from milk that comes from cows who have never seen daylight and are pumped up with antibiotics on a daily basis)

Bread – 2.50
Lethal Bread – 1.09 (stripped of all healthy ingredients and with an extra amount of conservatives so that it will stay artificially fresh for at least 8 weeks)

Chocolate – 1.99
Slave Chocolate – 0.89 (guaranteed with cacao that was harvested by hungry, underpaid peasants in the third world)

The list could go on endlessly… I think all ‘normal’ food should be automatically organic, cultivated with sustainable methods under fair conditions. All other food, ie that which is classified as normal today, should be clearly named with words such as harmful, processed, poisonous, chemical, etc. Since we're still far away from being free-thinking and highly conscious people, only the brutal truth has the power to make us change our habbits – fairytales invented by ruthless advertisement agencies won't help. So:

Kill the organic hype – bring on the toxic label!

PS: Having said all this – cigarette packets have been carrying photos of black lungs and messages of ‘smoking kills’ for many years now, and still people continue to smoke. Maybe we’re simply too stupid? Aliens, hurry up!


  1. nice post....just got back into ur block and enjoy it :)
    i`m in new zealand atm...is there any possibility to get ur book happy old soul over here? really enjoyed the little buddha 2 years ago....

    1. Kia Ora! No idea if you can get Happy Old Soul in NZ, but you could order it through amazon. Just follow the link in the sidebar of this blog (under published books). Also, in case you are interested there is a book about my Ayahuasca experience, which you can download for free - A CALL FROM THE UNKNOWN (see also the link in the sidebar). Greetings to the other side of the world!

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