Monday, January 18, 2016

Get real!

The first blog article of the new year was going to be about 'paying attention', or rather, us not paying attention. But when I sat down yesterday to gather some thoughts I suddenly got the feeling that I had written about this before... So I had a look and indeed, almost 3 years ago I wrote an article called – guess what? – exactly: PAYING ATTENTION! Here's a link if you are interested: Paying attention 2013 - still very valid in 2016.

It's the 7th year of me writing a blog and this is actually blog entry number 70. Totally random and unimportant information, I know. Anyway, after realising that I had already written about paying attention I slid into a tiny but very pathetic one-hour long depression. I was looking for something else to write about but nothing seemed worthwhile. Then I started to wonder why I am actually writing a blog at all? And why every month? And why me? Maybe I should quit. I've just turned 40, maybe this is the beginning of a midlife crisis...

Monday, back to work, life is terrible! Train is late! Traffic jam! So many emails to answer and facebook posts to read! So much ironing to do! So many restaurants - damn, it's so hard to choose! Which film to watch? Which shoes to wear? Which phone to get? And what should I write about? Where should I go on holidays? I NEED holidays! And fuck me, why is the internet so slow? 

Lovely all those problems we think we're having. What about this one for a change: Right now it's winter in Nepal. Like, REAL winter! Thousands of people are without housing, without heating, without electricity. REAL problems!

Since the earthquake happened in April of 2015 my sister Lisa has been fundraising and with the help of her Nepali friends every single cent that was raised went DIRECTLY to support those in need. Here's a little video about her work:

Last week a stranger donated 1400 Euros; the week before we've raised almost 800 Euros on my birthday party. A neighbour put in 20 Euros, an old friend sent 10 Dollars and a little girl gave 50 cents which she stole from her piggybank. Everything helps.

Name: Lisa Mikosch
Bank: Sparkasse Mönchengladbach (Germany)
IBAN: DE11 3105 0000 0005 9581 37
Subject: Help for Nepal


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  1. I love your blogs, thank you for writing them, every month of the year.