Monday, December 16, 2019

See the beauty

Have you noticed that most climate change deniers are from the right political spectrum? And how is it that musicians, writers and filmmakers, are usually from the left? I have no idea about the artist’s conundrum, but I've found a good explanation for the first observation.

It isn't a coincidence that scepticism about climate change tends to be the preserve of the nationalist right. You rarely see left-wing socialists tweet that climate change is a Chinese hoax. When there is no national answer, but only a global answer to the problem of global warming, some nationalist politicians prefer to believe the problem doesn't exist. (Yuval Noah Harari)

I'm not really a patriotic person myself, never have been, don't know why. I don't mind if others are – as long as a little bit of patriotism doesn't turn into full blown nationalism, with made-up countries becoming more important than everybody's planet.

I also find it quite annoying and sad when people become so obsessed with their national identity they end up insulting everyone who threatens their view of the world. Everything should stay as it is: borders, religion, language, food and cheap flights. Ironically, those who stand behind conservative values are the ones who keep attacking a sixteen-year old girl from Sweden because she's fighting for the conservation of the Earth.

Greta Thunberg is one day younger than my own daughter. When I read some of the comments about her, the jokes about her illness, the mockery about her angry face, the hateful rants – honestly, I'm lost for words. A teenager who cares for the world and all living beings, who understands that we're destroying our home – I mean, how fucked-up must you be to ridicule her? Manipulated by the Elite? We are all manipulated by the Elite, every day! What matters is that there's someone who loves life enough to defend it.

I was recently at the COP25, the climate summit in Madrid. There were over 500,000 people marching during the main demonstration – many of them were there because, only one year ago, Greta decided to do something about the climate emergency. One fifteen-year-old girl with a sign. If you can't see the beauty and the power in this story, and the hope within, then try harder. Because it's all there.

I walked amongst friends and those 500,000 people, and one day later we joined Extinction Rebellion who had blocked the Gran Vía, one of the main shopping streets in Madrid, in an act of disco disobedience. Combining climate action with a celebration of life.

I always promote and work on personal change – keeping money in an ethical bank, buying more local and organic products, less meat, less flights, etc. And while this is super important, political activism is needed too. If we don't demand change, hardly anything will happen. Hence, it's vital that more and more people join the different movements campaigning for climate justice. If not now – when? If not you – who?

The recent experience in Madrid has also shown me how much fun activism can be, how it connects you to others, making you feel less alone in all this mess we've created. Being surrounded by people who believe in solutions, who complain less and act more, has a deeply healing effect. To me, it felt like a big injection of hope!

Here's a video of our trip, including the demonstration and disco disobedience:


  1. Hallo Claus. I've been following your blogs since a good while now, and enjoying/appreciating/laughing/and considering your perspective. This time however, I am pretty shocked at how flawed the 'arguments' and how sweeping the statements; did the power of the 'group think' in Madrid burn some of those brilliant and individual critical-thinking cells of yours? And those of a few thousand other good-hearted people? I'm sure you know me well enough to realise I would not write this without serious consideration. I do not seek to be mean. It is indeed a serious topic and as I suggested in last weeks blog, lets meet up those who want to take a long-term look at how this 'threat' has developed, how the social manipulation works (using right/left generalizations to divide people still further- same old game)and where this is all leading (more like suicide than extinction). Then just maybe you would reconsider how to use your excellent artistic skills to paint the true picture. Would this not be a way to decently serve humanity, the planet, our children.. all Life? Lets call the decent folks together and share perspectives.. don't just 'go with the flow' til you know where the flow is taking us... :-) Danke

    1. Hey Louise, sorry to hear you were shocked by my words. I know I was quite drastic talking about the Greta bashing - didn't want to offend anyone, but I do feel very sad and even disgusted about how people react to her. The power of the 'group think' - what exactly are you refering to? A 'few' thousand? There were over 500,000 people there! Were they all brainwashed? I don't think so. The true picture? Well, we both know that truth has many faces. The truth that I see is that we are destroying our home and that a combination of personal change and political change is needed to stop this and live in a healthier way. Many people are seeing the urgency of our unsustainable situation, and, as Greta says, those people are the ones who give me hope.

    2. Buenas Claus. Dont be sorry in the least :-) I'm sure you write not to have everyone agree and move on, but to provoke thought and even.. conversation and, heaven forbid.. wise action. Now, I'm glad to have a response from you and it would be Greta to hear from OTHERS too, as it seems provocation (from the right place) is the only way to get people involved and participating; the artificial rhythm of life is a big distraction of course. So, I would be happy to discuss with you and OTHERS on a local level (since most 'discussions' I have are on a global/multi dimensional level) the valid points you mention above. It is indeed an urgent situation, as well as a golden opportunity to know who we TRULY are at HEART as this changes everything when you see behind the scenes of the illusion/movie/dream... then we can ACT our roles in the game in way that will have a beneficial outcome. We don't need anyone to 'give us hope'.. this keeps us playing the waiting game, by hoping someone will come and save us. Better be,see and do.. Waiting patiently in a hurry to gather together those who want a Real meeting of heads and hearts at a round table near YOU :-) don't give me 'hope'. Give me a time and a place and lets get this show on the road. Blessings xx

    3. Don't you think this simple message sums up things quite well? "The UniVerse is showing us a Divide right now. Do not engage in the lower dimensional behavior. Acknowledge it for what it is; projection, ego and unhealed wounds. Stay on the path, keep moving forward, do not invite the past back in. This is a Divine message to stay on track".

  2. Hi Claus. I find no fault with your words. Yes, I understand the reasons why people do not want to change - FEAR - Xenophobia, Right wing growth of fascismo - stemming from FEAR.

    Freedom,love, compassion, demand for justice and the warrior spirit accepting the true picture of a world on the edge of "frightening" change is the way forwards - coming together and DEMANDING change is unquestionably the way forwards. We all need that warrior spirit, that determination to make a difference. The scientific facts are there - anyone who has the desire to know the truth can find the scientific date on the internet. Of course it is scary - it looks like we are heading into really HARD TIMES. It is time to "be counted", to be brave, and to insist and demand that politicians take HUGE steps to protect the next generation of ALL LIFE on our planet.

    Thank you Claus. Big love, David.